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Emergency Services

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Pipeline Service

Georgia Western is your one stop shop for pipeline actuators and pipeline field services. We can provide complete units and parts for the following actuators. EIM (2000HP & G Series pneumatic, 2000 Series electric), EIM EB, Shafer, Bettis, Limitorque (electric), Biffi, and Rotork.

We can also provide field services for valve commissioning, valve lubrication, valve stem seal replacement, linebreak calibration, stop setting, etc. Our experienced field service technicians have been OQ’d through ISNetworld and Veriforce. We are also an authorized service/repair center for Emerson Process Managements Shafer & Bettis product lines.

Some of our current customers include Southern Natural Gas, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Williams Transco, Williams Gulfstream, Plantation Pipeline, Colonial Pipeline, and Florida Gas Transmission.

Some of our more recent projects include:

  • KinderMorgan’s North Alabama Pipeline ASV Equipment Installations: Installation & commissioning of 8 Shafer actuators at various locations.
  • Florida Gas Transmission’s Phase VIII Expansion: Installation & commissioning of 13 control upgrades and 13 new Bettis actuators.
  • Tennessee Gas Pipeline: Installation & commissioning of 21 Shafer actuators & 6 control upgrades.
  • Southern Natural Gas Elba Express: Installation & commissioning of 18 Shafer actuators.

Our pipeline truck has 4wd for those tough to get to locations and a 7800 lb. service crane. Our service crane is large enough for most jobs and it alleviates the additional costs associated with hiring an outside crane sub-contractor.

Installation & Commissioning

Georgia Western specializes in the field installation and commissioning of electric valve actuators as well as our complete line of pipeline valve actuators. Our personnel are highly trained and regulated to ensure safe work practices. We hold compliance ratings with CCS Certification (formerly MICCS), Avetta (formerly PICS), IS Networld, Browz, Veriforce and Safeland USA / PEC Safety. Our field service personnel perform work at utilities throughout the country as well as pipelines stretching across the United States. Our industry leading EMR safety rating ensures that your project will be completed with no lost time or recordable injuries. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your valve actuators are commissioned to OEM specifications with all travel, torque and mechanical stops set correctly. You can rely on Georgia Western for safe, reliable, accurate and on schedule installation of your valve actuators.


Call Georgia Western anytime at 800-536-6070 for electric valve actuator troubleshooting support or guidance. Our technicians are always available to assist you with your mechanical or electrical issues related to electric valve actuators. We keep a large inventory of parts in stock to support your emergency requirements.

Refurbishment Services

Georgia Western, Inc. offers in house refurbishment services. Our shop facility is equipped with all essentials required for actuation refurbishment including a Wheelebrator bead blast machine and a paint booth. Refurbishment services typically include: as received photos, a unit pretest to verify stroke time and Limit Switch and electrical parts inspection, Limit and Torque Switch refurbishment, rewiring if necessary, reassembly with new grease/oil, gaskets and seals and functional operation and final painting. In addition, new operator tagging is performed, and a complete report with wiring diagram and pre and post refurbishment pictures is submitted shortly after the job completion.

Many clients choose to have an on-going program established where actuators are routinely shipped to Georgia Western, Inc. for service. Upon receipt, actuators are typically refurbished and returned to the client within 5 days. If damaged or worn parts are discovered during refurbishment and replacement parts are required, pricing for these parts will be discussed with clients prior to installation. The parts which were replaced will be returned with the refurbished actuator.

Refurbishment by Exchange (RBE)

Georgia Western offers a unique Refurbishment By Exchange (RBE) program for all SMB electric actuators as well as select additional models of Limitorque and EIM electric and manual actuators. Our unique program saves our clients valuable time and money as we are able to build an identical actuator to replace an existing installed unit that requires repair or refurbishment. With one trip to the existing installed unit our clients are able to remove the original unit and install the RBE unit. The removed unit is returned to our shop for a standard disassemble and inspection and associated parts billing for damaged parts are charged in addition to the RBE fee.

Machining & Adaptation

Georgia Western’s in house machining and welding capabilities include the design and manufacturing of custom transition and adapter plates as well as associated adaption brackets and couplers. We thread all style stem nuts for Limitorque, EIM, Rotork & Auma actuators used on threaded stem gate & globe valves. We also provide bore & key services for quarter-turn applications and torque only drives. Custom rising rotating bushings (2, 4, 6, 8, 36, 38 Spline) are also available for torque only Limitorque, EIM, Rotork & Auma actuators when mounted on Yarway, Hancock, Edwards & Conval Globe valves.

In addition we can manufacture valve stems and reverse engineer additional components as required by our clients.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Georgia Western, Inc. has established a Preventive Maintenance Program (PM) for valve actuators to assist our customers in the operation of their electric valve actuators at the plant site. This program allows the owner to have meaningful, accurate information in which to gauge the reliability of the motor operated valves in the plant, as well as schedule and budget for future maintenance needs.

Upon completion of the PM inspection, a detailed data sheet for each actuator will be provided with actuator/motor information, concerns or degradations that were detected, as well as suggested corrective action. Where applicable, an estimate will be sent showing the approximate time needed to make repairs and an estimated cost for required parts.

Training Services

Georgia Western, Inc. offers Actuator Refurbishment Maintenance and Repair Training. Our certified instructors will train your employees to perform Preventative Maintenance as well as refurbishment services on-site. This is cost effective service we provide to our customers. The training gives our customers the capability to perform refurbishment and maintenance on site which eliminates the need for outsourcing.

Diagnostic Testing

Georgia Western, Inc. offers Motor Operated Valve diagnostic testing to help prevent emergency plant trips or forced outages due to an unexpected MOV failure. Diagnostic testing is the most effective preventative maintenance tool available. Diagnostic testing can tell you the current condition of your MOV and with advanced analysis techniques we can often predict failures before they cost your plant revenue. Facilities that perform diagnostic testing have claimed dramatic drops in unexpected MOV failure rates.